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Helps you digitize, process, protect, brand, legally validate and convert your documents into digital data sets to get the most use out of the data you have.

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Document conversion service

Create real electronic documents. Conversion of documents in over twenty available formats (extensions).

Document labeling
(watermarks, logos, stamps)

Add seal, logo, watermark or picture as you wish on yours documents.

Optical character recognition

Create from images real searchable documents with optical recognized content. Create documents with use value.

Text redaction service

Service for redaction of sensitive infomations, data and segments on documents.

Digital document signing

Digital signing of documents with qualified certificate. - Create legally valid electronic document.

Intelligent capturing/extraction of metadata

Extract informations and datа which you need from documents.

Document protection service

Protect your documents with password from unauthorized opening and printing.

Intelligent separation & merging

Intelligent separation and merging of electronic documents.

Consulting services

Consulting services - digitization, digital document management and archiving.


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